spiritual guidanceI provide general counseling in re-connecting to your inner being – your Spirit, your Soul, your heart’s desires- and reclaiming the joy you were born to experience. Anxiety is so prevalent in our world today. If you are feeling lost in confusion, fears, physical illness, or disconnected from a general sense of well-being, I strive to connect with you and help you bring to light what is already within you. If you feel content, but find yourself reaching for something more, I can help you process what that is for you. I work with you to discover your true self which opens the gateway to hope, clarity, purpose, healing, harmony, and peace.

With a background in family therapy and energy work, I work with you where you are and support you in your journey to where you want to be. I really believe that the best way to support unity & harmony in the world is in healing our lives through connection one person at a time. If any of this draws you, take a chance and call me so that I may further explain what I do and you can feel if  this is something that might be beneficial for you. I am able to work with people all over our planet thanks to technology and energy work. I look forward to our experience together.